Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
 Welcome to  Jilbab-Butik Online store

Jilbab-Butik is an new Online Store international character designed for everyone without any geographical, ethnic or religious constraints.
Jilbab-Boutik offers a typical Islamic clothing for the whole Muslim family that are used all around the world today and who are insha'Allah in accordance with the rules of the Qur'an and Sunnah.
In addition to the clothing we offer a variety of cosmetic and hygienic natural products , as well as the effects of medicinal products whose are used is confirmed by authentic hadith of  Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu 'alaihi we selleme such as : ithmid-kohl, the use of black seed, Hijamah ,  siwak, use of henna for womens beautification of the home, the use of oil parfumes and etc.

How to register on the site ?
On our site you can buy as a registered or non - registered user . For you to choose what you easier and to which category you belong to customers . The registration process is very simple. Since you only requires basic personal information . If you buy a non - registered user, you also need to send your basic personal information needed so that we can process your orders . You send your personal information to the e- mail address : and specify what you want to buy .

How to buy ?
Every product on the site has a button Add to Shopping Cart , click on the button setting product in the basket . One product can be added multiple times to basket , and basket may contain several different products . At any time in the upper right corner you can keep track of the contents of your basket. After selecting the product you want to buy , you go to another part of the flow of Purchase: Check the contents of the basket , verification of personal data for the purchase and delivery of products , choose payment method , and add comments on the purchase if necessary . When all done, click on the Confirm button and buying is done . You can immediately download the order form , and depending on the method of payment you make payment . Order cha you get an e - mail that you left when purchasing - registration. If you want to cancel the purchase , click Cancel .

How to pay ?
We allow the following methods of payment in our Jilbab Butik online store for privat person  and companies  regardless of whether they are registered or non - registered users :

On account of the bank :
•  Sparkasse bank for customers
IBAN : BA39 1990 5360 5488 0210
• or Western Union (or other trusteble mony-sending agencies)
All prices are in Euros .

Depending on the payment method , depending on the delivery .
Jilbab Butik is not responsible for any additional evt . delivery charges such as customs duties or taxes the buyer of his country ( which until now we has not got AlhamduLillah ) .
If you make payments then after your payment order will be sent as soon as possible , usually 1-2 workingdays after reciving the payment .
Sipping costs are  paid by the buyer unless other is stated , and we are trying always to choose the one of the most economical and safe for our customers .
Delivery time is  5 working days days for abroad , under normal conditions ( + / - ) .
If you got special  pre order then the delivery time is aprox. 1-2 weeks .



<100 gr

<500 gr

 < 1000 gr

<2000 gr


 Worldwide local post shipping (withTruck andTrace nr.)

   5 euro

   10 euro

    12 euro

    22 euro


If you have any questions feel free to contact us on mail kontact us on