Order your own size garment

Sewing tailor

If you cant find the garment of your size , we  offers our customers to  order thers  own sizes ,
-  or shortening of already ordered garment .

- Measures taken is to  lay  your garment (on whose measure you want to sew a new) on a flat surface and follow the instructions for taking measures .

( we need only measure of garments and not your body dimensions ! )

 Jilbab /headabaya - ( with or without skirt ) :

All we need is your height ( from top to heel ) and a size of the clothes you normally wear .
-  measure skirt length and waist wide
Men's tunic , Sirwal / trousers:

1.  Length / Pantal  from the middle of the waist , over the hip to the bottom of the garment ;

2. The width from the thickest part of one edge to the other ;

3. Waist width measured at the narrowest part of the natural width on an existing garment ;

4. For men's tunic ( galabi/ or similar) or a dress for women , we need the length of the sleeves , shoulder width , and the desired length tunic / dress.

If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us at :


 Jilbab - Butik