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Our obligation to preserve users' privacy


Jilbab - Boutique
Jilbab - Boutique is committed to preserving the principles of privacy in the collection , use and protection of customer information. In accordance with these principles jilbab - Boutique :
• To deliver notifications to users in an established practice .
• Allows you to select how the data will be used for marketing purposes .
• Provides the ability to update or change information .
• Restrict access to your information .
• Allows you to contact regarding issues related to privacy protection .
Jilbab - Boutique highly valued relationship that has with its customers and is committed to responsibly managing information about users . Great attention has been directed towards safeguarding personal information , in accordance with existing privacy laws and in compliance with internal standards and practices .


Privacy policy of Jilbab - Boutique
This policy describes the information and privacy practices that apply to retail establishments jilbab - Boutique , Web page www.jilbab - butik.com and all other locations , occasions and events in which the information is collected by the jilbab - Boutique or in his behalf . When you provide us with your personal information , you consent to the practice of using the information in the manner described in this polis .
Applicability of the policy does not apply to Web sites outside of the domain jilbab - boutique, and accessed with jilbab - Boutique website via links to other websites that are owned by a third party . We want to Encourage you to read the policy on privacy of these other sites to learn how they collect , use , share and provide your information .
Types of notifications to users
• Advertisements
• leaflets
• Newsletters
• Mail Merge
• Catalogs
• Phone calls


Types of information collected
Information that jilbab - boutique may collect are :
• Your contact information ( name, postal and e - mail address , phone number )
• Information collection and delivery ( credit card number , address for delivery )
• Information personal choice ( list of desired products , comments on the offered products )


Collection of information
During the purchase or during the use of our services or service , we may ask for your personal information . This can happen in the following cases :
• When registering online user accounts
• when purchasing products
• the use of a service or services
• the delivery of products or services
• joining a membership club
• participating in the sweepstakes , gift , polls and surveys
• establishing contact through the website or directly in the jilbab - boutiques
• participating in other activities of Jilbab - Boutique


Use of information
The information collected is used in the following cases :
• filling in the form in requests for products , services or information
• The organization and administration of member clubs
• ensuring the provision of user services
• The organization and administration of sweepstakes, gifts , surveys and research
• offer new products and services
• improve the effectiveness of our Website , marketing activities , services and offers
• conducting research and analysis
• sending information for marketing purposes
• Performing other business activities


Gathering information about the other or others
If you provide information about others or if others provide information about yourself , the same will be used strictly for the purposes for which they are delivered . As an example of this type of information we may mention the address of a friend that orders will be delivered or e - mail address that is registered via the " Refer a friend " or through some other options .


Forwarding personal information
Jilbab - boutique does not sell or rent your personal information to third parties .
Jilbab - boutique may have the need to forward the information to certain third parties , such as our agents , couriers , service centers or other representatives acting on our behalf . This action can be undertaken in the following cases :
• meet the user's orders
• send marketing notification
• submission package
• Service products
• Maintenance Club Membership
• the execution of user services
• conducting research , analysis or other inquiries
• sending regular postal or electronic messages
• processing payments by credit card


Third parties , with whom jilbab - boutique has a contract , are authorized to communicated information used for the purposes for which they were hired . As part of the contract with them , are obliged to follow the privacy policies that are forwarded to them and to take reasonable precautions Measures of study to provide security of your personal information .
Jilbab - Boutique will eventually be forced to pass on personal data valid judicial authorities , by subpoena, court investigators , or otherwise as required by law . In addition , we reserve the right to report the prosecuting authorities for activities that we believe to be unlawful . Jilbab - boutique may transmit certain personal information in case you believe that this procedure is reasonably necessary to protect the rights , property and safety of others and ourselves. Also, personal data can be sent in the event of a corporate sale , integration , acquisition , dissolution or similar event .
The possibility of not accepting the marketing activities
Once you collect your information , we may send you marketing notices contain favorable offers , promotions, special offers and other facilities . At any time, you have the option not accepting future marketing notification jilbab - boutique.
To stop receiving marketing communication, please take one of the following options:
• Follow the instructions for check- in received marketing notices that are sent to us.
• Over jilbab - Boutique Call Center via telephone number (00387) 062 689 042
• By sending an e - mail to
jilbab-butik@outlook.com with the subject " Unsubscribe " .
Via postal address :

Jilbab - Boutique , Aida Fetahagic
Vrapcici bb , 88113 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


When sending e - mail or postal letter , please enter your full name , address , phone number, e - mail address and indicate specifically what type of marketing advertising ( eg e - mail , direct mailing letters or phone calls ) do not you want to get . This will be provided with your identification in our system in order to successfully process the your request .
Jilbab - Boutique will take the necessary steps to implement your request for termination of obtaining marketing Notifications that . Please have noted that due to data processing , postage and systemic terms , this procedure may take 10 business days for e - mail messages and 6 weeks for direct mailings . While these changes do not come into force , it is possible that during this period will continue to receive our marketing Notifications that .
Also to be noted that when you log out of receiving marketing communication, it is possible that you will still receive business Notifications that such certificates are ordering goods , information on restitution of goods , information on the status of membership of a club or other Notifications that concerning the jilbab - boutique.
Providing security for the personal information
Whether you are shopping online or at our boutiques , apply Measures of safety and reasonable precautions in order to prevent the loss , misuse and unauthorized access to your personal information that is under our control . Jilbab - Boutique can not ensure or guarantee the security of any information which is forwarded by e-mail , so you do it at your own risk .
To raise the level of security , while creating a user account on our website , it is necessary to choose a personal code which should contain 6-30 characters and character including a combination of letters and numbers . Personally you are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your passwords or information about a user's order .
Using Internet cookies ( cookies) , other technologies and third parties to gather information
Internet cookie is a small file that Web page or an e - mail message is sent to your Internet reader , who can then save to your hard drive . Our Web sites and e - mail messages using the Internet cookies to make maximum personalizovali procedure of purchase on our Web site . Cookie simulates a continuous connection. They allow storing information about your settings and sessions and allows access to Web sites without re- personalization .
Web reader (browser ) can be set to not accept cookies Internet . In this case, you will be able to watch our Web site, but you will not be able to create a user account or to create a commission by .
Our Web server automatically collects information such as the address ( URL) of the Web site you came from , which pages you visit on our website , which web browser you use to view our website and other statistical information that helps us to realize and understand how Visitors use our Web site .
Website jilbab - boutique uses the services provided by third parties and that on our behalf , via the Internet , and analyze the traffic of visitors of our website . In this way may be collected anonymous information about your visits to our Web site, and your interaction with our advertisements . For this purpose, they can use technology similar to those we have described in the preceding paragraphs , to be measured the effectiveness of advertising and e - mails .


Updating Personal Information
Jilbab - Boutique wants your personal information is correct and complete . We have provided several different methods for updating them.
If you have created a user account on www.jilbab - butik.com Web site , you can update your information after logging .
1. Call our Call Center at telephone number : (00387) 062 689 042
2. Submit your request by e - mail :
3. Send a request to the postal address :
Jilbab - Boutique , Aida Fetahagic
Vrapcici bb , 88113 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the event that you send an e - mail or postal letter , please to provide current information and changes that you want to be made ​​.


Collecting information about children
Jilbab - Boutique will not knowingly or intentionally collect personal information from children via the Internet , which are younger than 13 years . We are committed to protecting the rights of children !


If you have questions or complaints regarding privacy and security of your data , or if you have any knowledge or suspicion of invading privacy or security , please contact us at one of the following ways :
1. Call our Call Center at telephone number : (00387) 062 689 042
2. Submit your request by e - mail :
3. Send a request to the postal address :
Jilbab - Butik , Aida Fetahagic
Vrapcici bb , 88113 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina